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Areas of Practice

Cohen & Fitch LLP litigates matters at both the trial and appellate level in State and Federal court.  Our Firm prides itself on its reputation and results at trial and our willingness to take even the smallest matters to trial if our clients are not satisfied.  Our attorneys have taken numerous successful verdicts on behalf of our clients in both civil and criminal matter.  In addition, we are unafraid to challenge rulings, verdicts or decisions at the appellate level to ensure that our clients' rights are protected by trial juries and judges.  Cases are often complex and lengthy and require knowledge and fortitude to achieve just results. Let our experience and resolve work for you.

Civil Rights

Unfortunately, our society is not immune to the abuse the power by those in positions of authority. At Cohen & Fitch LLP, our mission is to protect against the perversion of justice. If you have been arrested or imprisoned you may have a civil claim for false arrest, excessive force, wrongful conviction, prison abuse and numerous other constitutional violations.  At Cohen & Fitch LLP, we understand the limits of lawful police conduct, recognize when those lines have been crossed and are committed to combating a criminal justice system that frequently justifies the unconstitutional acts of law enforcement. 

As former prosecutors, we recognize that the system can be stifling to citizens of every race and economic background and that the scales can only be balanced by having lawyers who understand the process from the inside. Having litigated thousands of civil rights cases, our firm is well prepared to handle the complex and intimidating task of pursuing claims against the police and will fight tirelessly to ensure you receive the compensation that you deserve. With our firm's extensive trial experience, our team is unafraid to confront officers and City agents and hold them accountable for their acts before a jury.

Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime by State or Federal authorities, Cohen & Fitch LLP will zealously defend you in any matter, regardless of the allegations or evidence. After years spent prosecuting crimes as Assistant District Attorneys, Gerald Cohen and Joshua Fitch have extensive experience with the criminal justice system from the inside out. We have defended hundreds of clients who have been prosecuted throughout New York and as trial attorney's, you will never be forced to "cop out" and you will never have to worry about your attorney ever backing down at any stage of the case from arraignment to verdict.  With our unique understanding of the criminal process from arrest through trial, our clients have the security that only knowledge can provide.  Whether it is a capitol case or petty offense, Cohen & Fitch LLP will be fighting for you every step of the way to ensure that you receive the best possible result in your case.

Personal Injury

Accidents don't just happen; usually, someone is at fault.  If you have been injured as the result of someone else's acts, whether they are intentional or careless, our firm will fight to get you the money you deserve. Through the years, Cohen & Fitch LLP has successfully obtained compensation for its clients from police, municipalities, private companies and individuals.  We are committed to handling every case and client with the same care and attention, regardless of the injury and will not hesitate to take your case to trial in order to ensure that you are made whole. Insurance companies go to great lengths to avoid paying you, and in turn Cohen & Fitch LLP will go to great lengths to get you the compensation you deserve.

Employment Law

If you have been the victim of workplace discrimination, retaliation or harassment, Cohen & Fitch LLP can make sure you receive the compensation you deserve.  Whether you have been adversely treated because of you race, gender, age or disability, there are a variety of Federal and State laws that provide you protection in the workplace.  In addition, many people are unaware that many of those same protections exist to ensure that employees are not exploited by their employers. If you have been undercompensated for minimum wage, overtime or tips. 

At Cohen & Fitch LLP, we will vigorously litigate your workplace civil rights and wage and hour violations. With our extensive civil rights experience, your employer will not escape the laws meant to protect you - the employee.  So whether it is in the form of discrimination, harassment or failure to provide you proper compensation, the lawyers at Cohen & Fitch LLP will fight to see that your rights and your labor remain protected.

Appellate Practice

Appeals are extremely time intensive and detail oriented, which requires specific knowledge and dedication to meticulous legal research, Cohen & Fitch LLP prides itself as one of the few law firms in New York that maintains a separate appellate practice. Our attorney's are well versed in both the procedural and substantive issues involving appellate practice and have litigated argued cases before the United States Court of Appeals in the Second Circuit as well submitted briefs before the New York Court of Appeals. We are not afraid to challenge rulings, verdicts or decisions at the appellate level to ensure that our clients rights are protected by trial juries and judges.

Trial Practice

Apart from Cohen & Fitch LLP's own litigation practice, both Mr. Cohen and Mr. Fitch have significant trial experience in Federal and State courts throughout New York City. In particular, while the City of New York and Police Department frequently boast an exceptional success rate against the plaintiff's bar, Cohen & Fitch LLP is has obtained numerous plaintiff's verdicts against them time and again where there has been little or no offer of settlement by defendants. As a result, other attorney's have requested the assistance of the lawyers at Cohen & Fitch LLP's as trial counsel in their own matters.